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Work Transformation: New Trends and Challenges

Trends in New Work Modalities

In recent years, some industries, especially the technology sector, have embraced innovative work modalities. Concepts like flexible hours, remote work (home office), and objective-based performance evaluations have become a constant in the digital business world. These practices not only improve people’s quality of life but also present challenges for team cohesion and company culture.

Before the year 2020, many modern companies, or those adapting to changing times, began implementing partial work-from-home schedules. However, these initiatives were often seen as experiments with mixed results. The global pandemic that began in 2020, while bringing numerous negative impacts, also accelerated digitalization in various sectors, including education, healthcare, commerce, logistics, and business management.

Benefits of These Modalities

  • Greater Flexibility: Flexible hours and the possibility of working from home provide employees with a better work-life balance.
  • Increased Productivity: These modalities have shown to enhance employee productivity by reducing commutes and enabling a more comfortable working environment.
  • Employee Retention: By offering flexible work options, companies can retain their employees and attract new talent.
  • Culture of Innovation: Combining these modalities with a culture of innovation and creativity will attract new talent to the organization.
Gabriel Bussoli

Gabriel Bussoli

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