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Talent Optimization in Airport Projects in ColombiaSpecialized Talent Hunting

Airport Sector Case

Infrastructure Manager

Airport Projects in Colombia: Specialized Talent Search in the Sector or Complex Industrial Projects.


The government sought to consolidate intermodal transportation in Colombia through the modernization, expansion, and improvement of several priority airports, which would also promote tourism in the country. Our client’s main project had a private initiative estimated at US$1.646 billion and was presented by the largest engineering and construction firm in the country. It involved the construction of a terminal four times larger than the current one, with a 51% expansion for passenger areas and a 25% expansion of the cargo terminal to optimize the logistics of goods transported on passenger planes.

Case Development and Challenges

The main challenge in this process was to find a candidate with senior experience in airport projects or complex infrastructure who would fit the salary package offered by the company. The construction of such projects requires highly specialized skills and experience in civil engineering, large-scale project management, airport security, and specific regulations in the aeronautical industry, as well as knowledge of the entire process of strict national and international regulations. Professionals must be familiar with and comply with these regulations, which adds complexity to the selection process.

Unusual Events During the Process

The demand for professionals with a senior profile, not only in technical experience in airport projects but also in local and international networking, is scarce in the Colombian market. Given the specialized nature of airport construction, there may be limited availability of professionals with specific experience in such projects, competing for talent in a limited market. Additionally, the salary expectations of each candidate were higher than the offered package.

Outcome and Solution

The initial mapping stage was carried out in airport projects nationwide, with the aim of identifying leaders and staff structures in each project, as well as structuring the personnel in each associated company. Subsequently, contact was initiated with key positions, focusing particularly on those who played crucial roles according to the established job profile.

Once these strategic positions were identified, the search was expanded to Managers and Directors of infrastructure with experience in industrial projects of the same technical complexity required. With this information, the client decided to select a suitable candidate who not only met the technical requirements but also integrated seamlessly with the company’s culture. This comprehensive approach ensured the selection of a professional who not only brings the necessary experience but also harmoniously integrates with the dynamics and values of the company.

Outcome and Added Value Points

The client was satisfied with the search process and the selected candidate, leading to the opening of other strategic positions with them.

This case study highlights the consultative and strategic approach, as well as our knowledge of the labor market not only in the airport sector but also in the industrial sector.

Key points to highlight:

  • Measurable and Tangible Results: We emphasize the ability of our consultancy to generate measurable and tangible results. We focus on how our interventions have directly contributed to the success and achievement of specific goals by the client.
  • Adaptability to Variable Work Contexts: Our ability to adapt to

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