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Successful Talent Search in Information Technology (IT): Overcoming ChallengesSpecialized Talent Hunting

Talent Search in the Data Maze in a Competitive Market


In a context where the demand for professionals exceeds the supply, we were tasked with identifying highly qualified candidates for three Data Engineer positions in an organization that was in the midst of a data transformation process and the implementation of a Center of Excellence (CoE). The client, in this scenario, lacked experience in hiring specialized Information Technology (IT) profiles, resulting in an extended search period.

Case Development and Challenges

The main challenge in this case lay in the search for high-level professionals in a highly competitive consumer goods sector. Additionally, the client’s internal recruitment process involved a 100% in-person test, leading to the elimination of candidates who did not attend this critical stage.

Unusual Events During the Process

In this process, the client requested that candidates work only on Fridays at the office, but over 50% of the candidates preferred a 100% virtual model, further complicating the search.

Outcome and Solution

Through specialized consulting and a recruitment strategy based on a strong network of contacts, we managed to fill all three positions in record time. Our market experience and deep knowledge of data professional communities at the national level were crucial to success. Furthermore, we applied a rigorous technical filter to ensure the quality of the pre-selected candidate pool.

Result and Added Value Points

The result of this process was evident success. We successfully filled the Data Engineer positions, overcoming the client’s challenge in finding specialized talent. Additionally, the success of this task led other internal areas of the organization to work with us, highlighting the value of our consultative approach, our client proximity, and our excellence in work. Points to highlight:

  • Specialized Recruitment Challenge: The client faced the challenge of hiring three highly qualified Data Engineers in the midst of a data transformation process, despite lacking experience in hiring specialized IT profiles.
  • Effective Solution: Our executive search firm provided a successful solution by applying specialized consulting and a recruitment strategy focused on a strong network of contacts. This allowed us to fill the positions in record time.
  • Market Knowledge: Our experience in the market and active participation in data professional communities at the national level were critical factors for the success of the process.

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