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Tomás Avendaño Finance, Accounting & IT Consultant

Seeking talent in the following areas of Finance, Accounting & IT

  • Treasurer
  • Accountant
  • Management Control Engineer
  • Production Engineer
  • Quality Engineer
  • Product Manager
  • Product Owner
  •  UX/UI Designer
  • Data Engineer
  • Software/Technology Infrastructure Developer
  • Universidad Andrés Bello: Business Administration Degree
  • Universidad del Desarrollo: Full Stack Developer Certification

Business Administration graduate from Universidad Andrés Bello, experienced in technology with a certification as a Full Stack Developer from Universidad del Desarrollo. Skilled in Product Management, consulting, commercial management, International sales, and finance. With over 11 years of diverse work experience across various industries including Telecommunications, Banking, Mining, and Import/Export, he brings an “End to End” approach and a focus on delivering results.

Through rigorous methodology and relentless effort, RG’s journey from startup to multinational has spread its presence across Chile, Peru, Colombia, Argentina, and Mexico.

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70 La Capitania, Of. 07, Las Condes, Santiago

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