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Gabriel Bussoli Founder & Industrial Division Director LATAM

Seeking exceptional senior candidates with expertise in the following Industrial Division and Energy areas

  • Renewable Energy Talent Acquisition
  • Specialized Recruitment in Solar, Wind, and Hydroelectric Fields
  • Strategic Staffing for Energy Storage and Grid Integration
  • Sustainable Workforce Solutions and Environmental Compliance
  • Recruitment Strategies Aligned with Renewable Energy Policy and Regulation
  • Universidad Adolfo Ibáñez: Master’s Degree in Finance
  • Universidad Adolfo Ibáñez: Business Administration

I’m a dynamic entrepreneur and advisor experienced in executive searches for industrial and natural resources companies. Born in South America I arrived in a car with my parents to Chile avoiding “2001 Economical crisis in Argentina”. From breeding bees in Vancouver and selling quail eggs on farmer’s markets, to launching a specialized executive search firm arround all of Latin America. My drive has led me to achieve the fulfillment of a better life for my dearest and all the people who I can change their lives through a new job opportunity. Up to date (09/2023) I can count 1.654 hirings in different countries, such as United States, Mexico, Colombia, Brasil, Argentina, Perú and Chile.

I believe in very simple sayings to drive my life:

“Connect with purpose and do it with passion”

“Take learnings always”

“Hard work pays sooner or later”

“Do what’s right in the long run”

“Make your own judgments” (Don’t follow the herd)

Through rigorous methodology and relentless effort, RG’s journey from startup to multinational has spread its presence across Chile, Peru, Colombia, Argentina, and Mexico.

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70 La Capitania, Of. 07, Las Condes, Santiago

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