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Felipe Angulo Industrial Division Analyst

Seeking talent in the following Technology areas

  • Human Resources Analyst
  • Construction Projects Analyst
  • Photovoltaic Projects Analyst
  • Mergers and Acquisitions Analyst
  • Plant Analyst
  • R&D Development Analyst
  • Supply Chain Analyst
  • Line and Substation Project Analyst
  • Production Analyst
  • Franchise Expansion Analyst
  • Universidad de La Sabana: Psychology Degree

    Universidad de La Sabana: Diploma in Organizational Management

Organizational psychologist with experience in talent acquisition, recruitment analyst. Responsible for carrying out recruitment and hiring processes in important companies. In their work experience, they have searched for the necessary profiles, conducted pre-screening (first contact), interviews, and presented the profiles to clients.

They are distinguished by their skills in helping others, creativity, ability to face adversity, and good social skills.

Through rigorous methodology and relentless effort, RG’s journey from startup to multinational has spread its presence across Chile, Peru, Colombia, Argentina, and Mexico.

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CR 10 96 25 OF 612 Bogotá

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