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Shaping the Energy Future: Innovative Talent SelectionSpecialized Talent Hunting

Manager of New Business Development in Energy Sustainability

Develop and acquire new project acquisition opportunities and manage these acquisitions for the company focused on energy sustainability.


Energy sustainability is essential for addressing the environmental, economic, and social challenges associated with energy production and consumption. Furthermore, it significantly contributes to building a more equitable and healthier future for present and future generations. Our client aims to transform businesses with services that innovate and impact their energy efficiency, offering industries a significant competitive advantage by marketing and generating unconventional renewable energy.

Case Development and Challenges

The primary challenge was to find candidates with experience in developing large-scale energy sustainability businesses and experience in trading companies. Considering that the company’s growth process has led them to enter a regulated market, rapidly increasing the number of customers and energy demand. This transformation has enabled them to become a company with a national presence, serving clients throughout Colombia.

Unusual Events During the Process

The limited availability of candidates matching the required profile was evident due to geographic and sectoral restrictions. In the Colombian context, where approximately 30 companies hold the category of major energy traders, the client’s requirement to select a professional from the same sector and core business created a scenario of restricted supply. This condition was a significant challenge in identifying and attracting candidates who met the specific criteria established, given the limited pool of talent with experience and directly transferable knowledge from this highly specialized sector.

Outcome and Solution

The ideal candidate with the required experience who came from the sector and had a negotiation adjusted to the position and candidate’s expectations was found. A detailed mapping of the main target companies and the specific market was carried out, where direct contact was established with each New Business Development Management of these companies. From the recruitment process, it was ensured that the offer was attractive and challenging, highlighting professional development opportunities and innovative projects in the energy sector.

Result and Added Value Points

The client was satisfied with the process and the consulting provided throughout the process. Points to highlight:

  • Profile Adaptation to the Role: The selected candidate possesses the skills, experience, and knowledge necessary to effectively perform the functions of new business development in the sector. Their profile aligns closely with the specific role requirements and the organization’s strategic goals, as well as their competencies and technical skills align with what the position demands.
  • Time and Efficiency: The support and consulting process is carried out efficiently within the timeframes required by the client. Efficiency can be highlighted in aspects such as: Recruitment, competency-based interviews, presentation of the current market for the role, evaluation, and selection of the ideal candidate.
  • Cost-Effectiveness: The selection process is cost-effective, providing a positive return on investment for the organization. A balance is achieved between the quality of talent and the costs associated with the process.

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