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Pandemic, Digitalization, and IT Professionals

The Importance of Technology in the New Work Reality

Due to the global health context, sanitary control measures have given rise to a new way of relating, living, and working. In this context, companies and their employees had to adapt forcefully and immediately to the implementation of remote work, which undoubtedly brought unforeseen benefits and advantages but also technological vulnerability in companies.

As a result, great responsibility automatically falls on the leaders of each company, who must make assertive decisions regarding the implementation of technological systems aligned with the needs and solutions projected, resulting in an impact on:

  • Work processes.
  • Corporate data.
  • Employees.
  • The final product or service.
  • Customers.

In this regard, the importance of information technologies in companies and their departments has become fundamental, as it is now part of the essence of each management. For us as experts in recruiting IT profiles, it is essential to identify profiles with a “digital culture” in line with the needs and challenges of each company.

How to be Effective in Selecting IT Professionals?

We can answer this question by considering a planned recruitment and selection structure for IT profiles, taking into account the following key points:

  • It is essential to have a clear understanding of the IT project that you want to incorporate into the company or department, considering the results you seek with such an implementation.
  • The level of knowledge and experience of the recruiter in the IT area. This helps us avoid communication gaps during the interview and, at the same time, gives us greater certainty about developing a solid research strategy.
  • Identify the technical level of knowledge and competencies of the candidate to assess if they will be able to carry out the execution of the IT project the company needs.
  • Familiarize yourself with the candidate’s motivation or interests in their IT career choice, aiming to create affinity with the organizational culture in which we want to incorporate them.
  • Manage the selection process to recruit the ideal IT profile, maintaining ongoing communication with all candidates, aligning expectations, and including essential aspects such as work routines, job conditions, and real-time progress updates. All of this is aimed at building long-term trust relationships with candidates.

All these recommendations are provided by the regional IT headhunting team at RG Principal, covering Chile, Colombia, Peru, and Argentina. This division is led by  Rodrigo Cienfuegos, Finances & Technology Director, who, together with his local teams, is bridging the gap between the best IT profiles and companies.

  • Clarity in the IT Project: Define your objectives and expected results before seeking an IT professional. This ensures that you find the right candidate.
  • Recruiter’s Experience: Make sure the recruiter understands technology. Effective communication and a solid search strategy depend on it.
  • Technical Evaluation: Identify the candidate’s technical skills and competencies to ensure they are prepared for the project.
  • Cultural Fit: Consider the candidate’s motivation and interests, and make sure they align with your organization’s culture.
Rodrigo Cienfuegos

Rodrigo Cienfuegos

Director Finance & Banking & Tecnology Divisions

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