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Overcoming Talent Shortage in the Wind Industry: A Successful Case in International RecruitmentSpecialized Hunting in Renewable Energies.

Overcoming Talent Shortage in the Wind Industry


An industrial company was seeking expansion and consolidation in the Wind Farm Assembly sector, with contracts with Mainstream at that time. The main challenge lay in the need to have professionals who had participated in the construction of over 500 MW in Wind Farms in an EPC capacity.

Case Development and Challenges

The scarcity of highly qualified professionals in Chile, coupled with high demand and the company’s lack of knowledge about salary expectations, posed a significant challenge. To address this situation, a rigorous benchmarking of Project Directors in Spanish-speaking countries with experience in Wind Farm construction was decided upon. This led to the presentation of candidates with varying levels of experience and a summary of their salary expectations in relation to the MW constructed in wind farms.

Unusual Events During the Process

A noteworthy aspect was that most candidates with experience in wind farm construction in Chile were expatriates. This necessitated informing the client about an attractive expatriation package to make the offer appealing.

Outcome and Solution

In collaboration with the Human Resources department and the selected candidate, an expatriation package was developed that, on one hand, was feasible for the company and, on the other hand, provided security and peace of mind for the candidate and their family.

Result and Value-Added Points

The negotiation was successful, allowing the candidate to initially work in Portugal, their home country, before relocating to Chile independently and finally reuniting with their family. The client was satisfied, recognizing the complexity and rarity of the position in the global market.

This case highlights the importance of close consultancy, quality work, and the ability to identify talent in unique situations. In addition, the following points are emphasized:

  • International Experience: Thanks to our international market experience, we were able to expand our networks and find qualified talent abroad, such as the case of a Portuguese professional working in Poland.
  • Hiring Modalities: Our consultancy not only focuses on finding the right talent but also on offering attractive hiring packages and modalities to make candidates accept offers.
  • Benchmark: To achieve success in this process, it was essential to conduct thorough research in the local market to convince management that the optimal solution was to attract talent from outside.

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