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Innovation in Recruitment for Urban Construction in ColombiaSpecialized Talent Hunting

Infrastructure Development in the Capital City: Search for Technically Specialized and Leadership-Managerial Talent


In Bogotá, significant road infrastructure projects are underway with the goal of improving travel times and the quality of life for residents. The Urban Development Institute (IDU) awarded a contract to our client, a prominent Colombian construction company, for the construction of road infrastructure and public spaces. This project, valued at approximately 181 billion Colombian pesos, has a 41-month execution period, divided into three phases: pre-construction (eight months), construction (32 months), and project acceptance (one month), with an expected completion date in December 2025.

Case Development and Challenges

The main challenge in this project lies in the high competitiveness and the demand for technical excellence in the construction industry. Efficiency and quality in project execution depend on having highly qualified professionals, not only in technical aspects but also in management and leadership. An analysis was conducted with the client to identify these competencies, aiming to improve the quality and efficiency of project execution, contribute to the company’s long-term reputation in the industry, and retain talent as a key factor for the sustainable success of each project.

Unusual Events during the Process

During the process, the low availability of senior professionals with expertise in urban road infrastructure in metropolitan areas like Bogotá was notable. The company focused on promoting gender equity in leadership roles, which added complexity to the selection process. The high demand for urban road infrastructure projects in the region and competition with other companies in the sector highlighted the need for managerial professionals with experience. Additionally, government policies and decisions, as well as infrastructure investments, influenced project development.

Outcome and Solution

An initial mapping of road infrastructure projects in the city was conducted to identify Managers and Directors of each project and the staffing structure of each company. This allowed for contacting key individuals who met the desired profile. The strategy focused on cultural fit and required competencies, resulting in the hiring of qualified profiles that aligned with organizational objectives.

Result and Value-Added Points

Although initially only one position was required for a specific project, four Managerial-Director positions were successfully hired for different active projects within the construction company. The process concluded successfully, not only in selecting suitable candidates but also in client satisfaction, strengthening the trust relationship between the consultant and the human resources department.

Market Knowledge and Trust Relationship

Deep knowledge of the construction market in Colombia and connections with strategic positions in the sector allowed for an effective and timely response to the client’s needs. Building a relationship of trust and transparency with the company, along with a consultative approach and comprehensive project management, has created value for all stakeholders of the company.

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