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Innovation and Leadership in the Era of Photovoltaic Solar Energy in ColombiaSpecialized Talent Hunting

Director of Photovoltaic Projects

The ‘boom’ of clean energy has reached the country as the most attractive option to diversify the energy matrix: Strategic and technical leadership search for large-scale photovoltaic project construction.


One of the main commitments of the National Government is to encourage the generation of renewable energy projects in the country to mitigate the effects of climate change and make Colombia a global powerhouse for life. Our client is a multinational specialized in the development, construction, and operation of large-scale photovoltaic solar projects with a presence in rapidly growing markets in Europe, North America, Latin America, Asia, and Africa. They are currently developing projects in Colombia totaling 1.5 GW, contributing to the diversification of the country’s energy matrix.

Case Development and Challenges

Being a relatively young company in the Colombian market, the main challenge was to find a Senior profile with specific technical experience for the structuring and construction of their projects. Although solar energy has experienced significant growth in recent years, it is still relatively new compared to other sources of energy. As a result, experience in photovoltaic projects can be limited compared to more established areas.

The rapid expansion of the solar industry has led to a growing demand for skilled professionals. Sometimes, the talent supply cannot keep up with the demand, creating a gap in the availability of experienced professionals. Given that solar energy is an ever-evolving industry, it can be challenging to find professionals who have received specific training in the latest technologies and industry practices.

Unusual Events During the Process

Most candidates with the required technical experience for the structuring and development of photovoltaic projects in Colombia were above the salary set for the position and came from multinational companies that offer attractive benefit packages to their employees.

Outcome and Solution

A candidate was found and selected who fit the salary for the position and had high standards of technical knowledge and quality for the company. This candidate had a detailed knowledge of industry-specific regulations and standards and had the required competencies for strategic project planning. They could efficiently coordinate and manage human, financial, and material resources for the project. Additionally, they could coordinate and ensure the acquisition of all permits and licenses necessary for the construction and operation of the project while aligning with the organizational culture not only in Colombia but also with the headquarters.

Outcome and Added Value Points

The negotiation was successful. The candidate was satisfied not only with the offered salary package but also with the challenge they were taking on. The client was very pleased with the search, understanding that it was a highly complex position due to the technical experience required in the role and the cultural fit with the headquarters.

This case study highlights our consultative methodology, close relationship with the client, and our deep understanding of the labor market. Points to emphasize:

  • Consultative Approach: We stand out for not only understanding our clients’ immediate needs but also for anticipating their future challenges. Our proactive approach allows us to provide customized and sustainable solutions that go beyond traditional expectations.
  • Closeness and Commitment to the Client: We highlight our close relationship with the client as a key element of success. Through open communication and ongoing collaboration, we immerse ourselves in our clients’ operational reality to understand their unique goals and challenges. This proximity enables us to tailor our solutions precisely, building strong and lasting relationships.
  • Deep Market Knowledge in the Sector: We stay updated with trends, challenges, and opportunities affecting the industry. Our expertise in data interpretation and pattern identification positions us well to offer strategic advice that drives our clients’ success in an ever-evolving work environment.

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