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Innovating in Energy: The Challenge of Green Hydrogen in Chile

Green Hydrogen as a Catalyst for Change


Globally and locally, the Green Hydrogen (H2V) industry is expected to lead efforts in decarbonization. These projects are massive, with investments surpassing US$4 billion and unprecedented in scale and nature worldwide. Our client, a multinational energy company, aims to invest in Chile to establish an H2V project. To achieve this, they need to assemble a complete team and have tasked us with recruiting the project’s backbone, including a Project Director, Engineering Director, PMO Manager, and Environmental Manager.

Case Development and Challenges

The main challenge stemmed from the absence of similar projects worldwide and in Chile, prompting us to conduct a comprehensive analysis with the client to determine the types of professionals needed, essential technical expertise, and necessary soft skills. Additionally, as this was a new area, the organizational structure and scope were dynamic and evolved during the search.

Unusual Events during the Process

We executed processes in a cascading manner, starting from top-level roles down. Initiating searches for Engineering, PMO, and Environmental positions commenced once we had the Project Director onboard, as they were instrumental in selecting their team. This approach challenged us to expedite a critical search to kickstart the others.

Outcome and Solution

We conducted an exhaustive scan of large-scale projects (exceeding US$1 billion) undertaken in Chile and identified key professionals from each. Subsequently, we compared the technical complexities of each mapped project with an H2V project.

Result and Value-Added Points

We successfully secured the Project Director first, establishing a close professional relationship that facilitated collaborative efforts in hiring the remaining two professionals. In total, we placed four professionals in a revolutionary industry and pioneering project. This case underscores our consultative approach, client proximity, and understanding of the labor market.

  • Market Context: Understanding major projects and their potential synergies with the future H2V project was crucial.
  • Teamwork: Conducting four simultaneous searches was possible only with a highly qualified team that effectively complemented each other.
  • Partnership with the Client: Given the project’s new structure, constant communication and weekly progress meetings were pivotal in calibrating profiles, companies, and adjusting the scope of each position.

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