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Operation Chief ERNC – Fluent English

Job-Number JO-1907-1179

Manage the construction and operation providing technical and administrative support, maintaining contractual coordination with contractors and independent engineer and reporting results to managers, shareholders and lenders.

Description of Activities:

– Managing the Operations and Services Agreement (OSA) and execution of main contracts under OSA scope (SMA,O&M BOP, interconnection)
– Receiving and processing operation information.
– Issuing and quarterly report to the management and lenders of the operation, production and maintenance.
– Supporting environmental and social issues related to plants. Reviewing the shareholders budget.
– Coordinating insurance policies, claims and relationship with insurance brokers and adjusters. Process ISO 9001, and OSHAS certification.
– Managing Construction Management Agreement and the execution of main contracts under CMA scope (TSA, BOP, MPT; interconnection etc.). – Managing handover between CMA and OSA contractor during transition from construction to operation phase.
– Processing information and reporting monthly and quarterly to the lenders and the board of directors.
– Managing budget for the financial model and contingency tracking. Supporting environmental and social issues related to the construction stageof the parks.


– Engineer, preferable Electrical, Commercial or Industrial.
– English advanced level
– 5 Years of work experience in O&M.

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