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Head of Growth

Job-Number JO-2202-2689

RG Principal is looking for a Head of Growth for a tech e-commerce company in Colombian market, with at least 5 or more years of experience leading Growth teams, leading them in online* and offline channels, passionate on launching and scaling new business.

Key Responsabilities:

  • Responsible for the customer growth strategy, bringing an increase in sales.
  • Responsible for the creation, budget coordination, and development of the growth strategy for the acquisition and retenrion of clients.
  • Design of campaigns through data analysis to contribute to the objectives of each key business metrics, distributing the budget based on profitability criteria.
  • Prepare reports on the results and follow up of the initiatives taken in accordance with the company’s development and direction plan.
  • Develop and execute relationship marketing tactics to acquire, retain and grow the business.
  • Analysis of the cetition to be at the forefront of the market, validating the value proposition and competitive value.


  • 5+ years of experience leading Growth teams at StartUps of similar companies.
  • Experience leading online* and offline growth teams, being capable of building and structuring activation teams headed to hyperscale users and sales. 
  • Hands-on and passionate, capable of structuring a team from scratch and implement all growth operations plan.
  • Experience in B2B tech StartUps of Fintechs, scaling new business.


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