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Our Approach

RG Principal employs a unique and innovative recruitment style. We offer high specialization within our divisions and subdivisions, coupled with a strong commitment throughout the entire process and its contingencies.

Our candidate search process is founded on selective tools, including a specialized network of contacts, direct headhunting, and social media, enabling us to exclusively reach the desired profiles.

Quality takes precedence over quantity for us. Hence, all candidates presented for a position undergo a rigorous selection process, understanding of their aspirations, and gathering of independent references.

Proactively, we maintain a high level of activity and stay updated with the latest national and international news. This equips us to understand market trends and provide relevant insights to our clients in various specialized domains.

Speed is an integral part of our process and a distinguishing feature. Moreover, we take pride in highlighting our values: Specialization, service quality, and precision.

Diagnosis and Evaluation

Empowered by the assessment and analysis of both technical and business aspects, we collaborate closely with our clients. Furthermore, we've integrated agile methodologies into our internal processes, effectively incorporating them into our organizational culture.

Search, Recruitment and Selection

Harnessing the power of our internal database, housing over 300,000 applicants, we seamlessly integrate search, recruitment, and selection.

Expert Advisory in Negotiation and Offer Closure for the Candidate

We focus on providing expert guidance, particularly in the negotiation and offer acceptance process with candidates. This strategy is built on detailed assessment and profiling, covering both technical and business aspects. Moreover, we leverage the flexibility of agile methodologies, which are firmly integrated into our way of working and organizational culture.


At the core of our philosophy, we believe that the onboarding process is of utmost importance. Beyond ensuring that we attract exceptional talent through our rigorous search and selection processes, we are also committed to ensuring the successful integration of the chosen candidate.

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