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International Recruitment for Success in Mining


A global professional services company in engineering, architecture, design, and project management was searching for an Underground Division Manager for its operation in Peru. The position required a mining engineer or related professional with solid experience in underground mining, advanced English proficiency, and the ability to build relationships with high-level executives in the sector.

Case Development and Challenges

The Peruvian talent market for this profile was highly competitive, with a shortage of candidates who met all the required characteristics. This was compounded by the difficulty of finding professionals with advanced English proficiency and the soft skills necessary to succeed in the role.

Outcome and Solution

  • Expansion of the search internationally: A mapping of the Peruvian market was conducted, and the client was advised to expand the search to other countries such as Chile, Australia, Mexico, and the United States. Candidates with foreign experience and English proficiency were prioritized.
  • Customized selection strategy: Different search methods were combined, including advertisements on specialized portals, social networks, and contacts with headhunters. Candidates’ technical and soft skills were carefully evaluated, as well as their potential to adapt to the company’s corporate culture.

Result and Value Added Points

A Peruvian candidate with extensive experience in the mining sector and English proficiency, who had been working in the United States, was selected. The candidate has performed successfully in the role for over a year and has recently assumed a role of greater responsibility across the region.

Benefits for the Client
  • The vacancy was filled with a highly qualified candidate with the required skills and experience.
  • The risk of a poor hiring decision, which would have meant additional costs and time, was avoided.
  • The work team was strengthened with a high-performing professional.
Lessons Learned
  • In a talent-scarce market, it is important to expand the search internationally.
  • A customized selection strategy is key to finding the ideal candidate.
  • The experience and expertise of a specialized partner in personnel selection can make a difference in the success of the process.

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